Aluminum Ladder Racks for Vans
Ladder Racks for Full Size Pickup Trucks
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Aluminum Ladder Racks for Vans and Pickups

2007 Sprinter
Van Ladder Racks
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End Plate clamps directly to the van gutter

Aluminum Ladder Rack with stainless steel hardware. 3-bar system shown
System shown in photo installs in minutes

Steel Rack for GMC, Ford, Dodge and Chevy Pickup Trucks

Unbeatable prices on aluminum and steel ladder racks for vans and pickup trucks.
Tuff Racks manufactures quality racks for your van and pickup truck. Our ladder racks for vans are adjustable and will fit various width vans. They are multi-purpose ladder racks and can be used to transport from 500 to 750 pounds depending on the system you choose. These are high strength aluminum racks for vans and sturdy 2 inch steel racks for pickups. Easy instructions make installation a simple process. We also offer conduit and pipe racks for trucks and vans, made of aluminum and come with locking doors.

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Aluminum to withstand all weather conditions
Designed for heavy duty work
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Standard kits fit Chevy, GM, Ford and Sprinter Vans

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6 Types of Interior Wall Paints


If youíre doing a home renovation or painting a fresh wall, then choosing the right wall paint will be a difficult task for you. If youíre doing the choice alone, then think again. A paint wall is not just something you pick at one glance and then apply it on the wall.  

According to professional painters in Brisbane, there are several types of interior wall paints and knowing each will make it easy for you to make a choice. It is also possible to mix and match but it also needs to a professional knowledge to make the perfect choice. The following are the types of interior wall paint you can choose from.  


Matte Paint 

The matter paint is now becoming one of the most common interior wall paint. It is ideal for ceilings and walls because there would be no sheen or shine to finish. It might take you more than one coat to create a perfect and solid color but professionals find it pretty easy to apply. Matte paints are ideal for old houses. It will take you regular retouching but you can remove marks on the wall with a damp cloth.  


The satin paint is known to most people but this paint is difficult to understand. The finish is somewhere between gloss and matte and produces a soft and low sheen. It will be ideal for the areas on the wall where regular cleaning is needed. If your walls have more imperfections, you shouldnít use satin because it will make the marks more obvious.  

Matte Enamel 

Matte enamel is almost the same as matte but itís proven to be more durable. It is easy to clean and rarely needs some retouch which make the wall more advantageous. Matte enamel is best for kitchen where regular wiping of the walls is needed. You can apply the enamel in the same way as the mater and the visual appearance is also the same.  


The eggshell finish has a subtle shine but doesnít have the same smoothness as the satin finish. Itís a suitable interior paint because if you apply it on the wall, it doesnít highlight imperfections. You can easily apply it with a single coat, so this paint is mostly chosen by people.  


Semi-gloss is a common interior wall paint, but itís commonly applied on trims and not on walls. The finish is hard which makes it easy to clean with water and soap and suitable for heavy use. You can achieve a good covering with single coat and the produced shine is less than full gloss paint. Shiny paints will emphasize imperfections so the spots should be primed.  

Gloss Paint 

Gloss paint is common interior wall paint. Because of its high shine, people donít use it often on walls but more on woodwork. A gloss paint will show all imperfections and the coverage on the will require more than one coat. It also takes a long time to dry so the project hour should be adjusted according to drying time of the coats.

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